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80,000 sea miles now logged.

That's enough to go around our planet 3 times, plus some.

This includes all the way 'Round Ireland & Britain, All Western Europe (Atlantic coast),
and 9 Atlantic Crossings
Continent to Continent: That's 8 times from Europe to the US, or vise versa
and 1 South Africa to South America.

I have also done Charter and Instructing in both
the Med and Caribbean, as well as at home in Ireland.

With this experience I now offer you my services:
Delivering, Skippering,
Instructing, Yacht Charter,
Weather Routing
and Consulting in General.
From small boats to large yachts, power or sail, anywhere in the world.

"With our delivery quality, you get a Quality Delivery"

Feel free to drop me an email at anytime ...

With any questions you may have ... or about any services you may require.

Hope to see you on the water soon,

Damian Ward.

How it all started
Clifden Sea Sports


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Short Video Clip of a
bit of weather during a
Trans-At on a 38ft Cat

(Courtesy of Doug Hendrix)
Full Trans-At_video
About 30 mins long